The Boulevard of the Alleys

Yes, I spelled that wrong, but that’s how I read “The Boulevard of the Allies” the first time I visited Pittsburgh.  Why?  Well, because frankly that’s what it is at the point where it goes through Uptown.

Picture this, you are cruising south on 279, you need to get to the East End, so you take the Crosstown Blvd (579) to the Boulevard of the Allies, and then you take that to 376.  

You were on a limited access divided highway with a speed limit of 55, you are going to another limited access highway with a speed limit of 55, but inexplicably, in between the two, for about a mile, even though it still SEEMS like a divided limited access highway, there are alleys and streets people can turn off of.  The speed limit is suddenly 40 mph (not that anyone follows this).


I remember being like “Whoa, why didn’t they block off those alleys, someone could try to turn off of them! I guess that’s why they call this the Boulevard of the Alleys!” but sure enough people do turn off of them.  There’s nothing odder then flying down the highway only for someone to stop and turn off to Mercy Hospital, or one of these little roads to Uptown.

It may be zoned a road (885), and maybe it once was based on the stoops of buildings here, but now this is a highway.  Let’s stop pretending and close it off like they did to the frontage on Route 28.