Important Voters Can Park in the Road?

Penn Ave is one of the major arteries of the city.  A 4-lane avenue for most of the stretch, traffic can quickly grind to a halt if any lane is slowed or blocked.   Which makes this one tiny stretch of Penn so confusing.

This is a stretch of Penn Ave in Point Breeze, where inexplicably, for about 200 feet, you can park in the middle of the right lane at any time of day, during any day of the week (parking allowed in red areas).

Which means you are driving along happily with four lanes of traffic when all of a sudden you come upon a handful of parked cars.

And must quickly try to merge over.  And just as quickly as it started, the parking area is over.  I’d love to know what makes this tiny stretch of Penn Ave parkable.  My theory is there was a city council member, or some important voting block here?