QUICK QUICK TURN NOW, Oh you missed it.

The Highland Park Bridge will probably be the subject of a couple of posts.  I don’t think any exit on or off this bridge makes much sense, but one of the crazy stressful things here is needing to get off at the Aspinwall exit.  Unfortunately it’s the one segment of the bridge that doesn’t have Street View (I’m assuming the Google car got into a horrific accident on the bridge), but here’s basically where I’m talking about:

What’s hard to see on this map is that because you are coming down from an incline of the Highland Park Bridge, the Aspenwall exit seemingly comes out of nowhere, and even worse the exit is extremely sharp.  I’m not sure why, but almost every exit off of the Highland Park bridge is super tight.  Again, the speed limit is supposedly 25mph, but it’s a four lane divided highway, so the reality is you are going 45 here at least.  The jersey wall is smattered with evidence that not everyone makes this successfully.